Native nosh from Finland and Canada —

Favorite foods

Discover some of the iconic dishes that Finns and Canadians love to eat. Just what is a ‘slapped ear’, how is Maple Taffy made and can you really eat tar?

The fantastic fauna of the north —

Born to be wild

Meet five of the furry and feathered friends that are native to both Finland and Canada – we’re confident you’ll learn something new about the enchanting creatures that inhabit the frosty lands of the north.

The Story of the Lakes —

Water, water, everywhere

Take a few moments to unwind with the breathtaking beauty of the Finnish and Canadian lakes in our digital story. These awe-inspiring expanses of water tell a tale of folklore, fishing, flora, fauna and freedom – enjoy!

The Story of the Ice Age —

The beauty of the North

Take a break and experience events in our northern hemisphere that have taken place over thousands of years. Our digital story takes you on a glacial journey from 110,000 years ago to the present time. Enjoy the beautiful images and surprising facts!

The Story of Seasons —

Daylight in Finland

As our customers quite often ask about Daylight in Finland and the mystical Midnight Sun, we have created an exclusive presentation in the form of digital storytelling. Dive in to discover more and marvel at the stunning Arctic skies.