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Sibur Russian Tires invests in Dream Factory

May 31, 2011 Cimcorp Headquarter
General cordiant dream factory

Sibur, a significant Russian tire manufacturer, has commissioned Cimcorp to provide the turnkey delivery of a new material handling solution for truck tires. The system is due to become operational in 2011.

The project will be realized at Sibur’s Yaroslavl plant and is based on Cimcorp’s Dream Factory solution, which ensures 100 % availability of tires for all processing and testing machines. 

The multimillion euro order consists of all automation equipment and software for total control of the material flow from the tire-building area to the testing area, including robots for unloading tire-building machines, conveyors for green tires from tire-building to weighing and spraying, weighing and spraying stations, green tire buffers, electric monorail systems for loading curing presses, as well as the conveyor from the press area to the finishing area located in another building and on the second floor. For the testing area Cimcorp will supply manual trimming and inspection machines as well as finished tire buffers. 

The total material flow will be controlled by the Cimcorp WCS control system, which integrates all robots, conveyors, and machines into a seamlessly working system. This enables tire data management and tracking as well as 100 % green tire availability at the curing presses. Cimcorp’s Dream Factory concept is proven technology and applied in dozens of greenfield and brownfield installations around the world. Through this investment Sibur wishes to increase productivity and improve product quality.