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Playing ball games for a good cause

Jun 20, 2016 Cimcorp Headquarter

Cimcorp teams played football and golf to raise money for children’s equal opportunities through Icehearts.

All Cimcorp’s core values are brought to life in Icehearts. Community-oriented, creative, caring and conscientious – these are Cimcorp’s core values and they are all brought to life in the Icehearts model. Icehearts is an innovative early-intervention model targeted at girls and boys.

Cimcorp’s employees are not afraid to put themselves on the line when it comes to preventing social exclusion, nurturing social skills and giving children safe long-term adult support through various stages of emotional development.

“For me, as a coach for young players myself, I feel that it is important that Iceheart offers long-term professional support for children and families. The same team plays together until they are 18 years old. For many children, this is vital support for their development into confident and considerate team members and adults. Iceheart is providing equal opportunities to all children”, says Juha Hiukka, Senior Software Engineer, who put together Cimcorp’s golf team.

Everybody wins

Our people are the heart of the company – talented and passionate people, with big hearts. When Icehearts Regional Director of Western Finland, Jani Söderling, talked to Cimcorp’s System Specialist Ari Murro about a football tournament to raise money for children, Murro started gathering a team together.

Many of the players have children of their own, so the subject was really close to everyone’s heart. “Everybody knows how expensive it can get, and it is really hard to raise money for junior league teams. It is nice if the hobby doesn’t fade away because of lack of money,” says System Specialist Ari Murro, and he continues: “It was a really nice way to raise money and we also plan to participate next year.”

Together we achieve  more.

HyväMiele Golf participiants Ville Junttila, Juha Hiukka, Rauno Heino and Mika Palomäki.

Cimcorp’s football team participiants

Ari Murro, Toni Niemi, Olli Ahola, Teemu Siitonen, Mika Laine, Petri Grönblom, Timo Rytölä, Vesa Lummevaara, Eeri Elohaka, Ville Mattila, Sauli Hirvonen, Henri Vaparanta, Mikko Kiviranta, Masatoshi Wakabayashi, Taisuke Nako.

Photocredit Mikko Kiviranta