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Standardizing and developing code to ensure high-quality software  

General software trends

Our software team handles data and gives our equipment tasks to do. The software department has been growing within Cimcorp Group for the past few decades, leading it to become one of the biggest functions. Software is an essential part of the logistics solutions we provide. The motors and sensors don’t work by themselves – they need the input of our software team to function as intended.  

Coding in Cimcorp Group is roughly divided into two operational areas: the Warehouse Control System (WCS) and the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).  

“For a bigger picture, for example in a tire factory, our WCS team looks after the entire material flow and inventory management in the warehouse. Then our PLC team ensures the functions at a more detailed scale,” explains Teemu Noppari, a long-time Cimcorper and a team leader in the WCS team.  

High quality from standardized code and clear processes   

The quality of the code is an important factor in Cimcorp’s solutions. Quality code is well tested, performant and documented. With high-quality code, surprises later in the project can be avoided.   

“Quality code gives assurance for the team that no bigger setbacks or surprises will happen,” Teemu Noppari says.  

Updating and handling code libraries and standardized coding frees up time for development and makes customization much easier.   

“Standardizing code eases the workload; we don’t need to reinvent the wheel with each project. With small adjustments, the project can then be personalized to meet each customer’s needs,” explains Roope Paasikivi, Automation Engineer at Cimcorp.  

The end goal is to deliver high-quality software and be a reliable partner for customers.  

From code to fully functioning logistics solutions   

One of the benefits of working at Cimcorp mentioned by our software engineers is the ability to see the end result in action.  

“We also work on site and support commissioning. It is rewarding to see the solution live and functioning as it should after coding,” Teemu continues.   

Cimcorp software engineers share their knowledge in the department and strive to have broad know-how in the team. The workload is shared and problems are solved together.  

“Our system is quite wide and comprehensive; I think on average a new person is immersed in it after 6 months to a year,”  explains Noppari, who has worked with summer trainees and new Cimcorpers, “but even after more than a decade, I still learn new things at work,” he concludes.