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Fresh focus on UK for Cimcorp

Feb 21, 2017 Cimcorp Headquarter
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Cimcorp, the pioneering Finnish company applying robotics to the logistics industry, will exhibit at IntraLogisteX for the first time this year. Showcasing its robotic systems on stand 112, Cimcorp’s decision to exhibit is part of its strategy to bring its overhead gantry automation to more British companies.

“Our solutions are particularly relevant for manufacturers and wholesalers in the food and beverage sectors and we are very excited by the potential for our robotic systems in the UK.”

Jarno Honkanen
Sales Manager, Cimcorp

Improved shelf life for fresh products

Cimcorp’s MultiPick robotic storage and picking solution has real benefits for firms handling fresh food such as fruit and veg, dairy items, meat and bakery products. “The key advantage,” explains Adam Fox, responsible for UK & Ireland Sales for Cimcorp, “is faster order-processing times, resulting in improved shelf life and increased sales.” By shortening the order-processing window, robotic handling enables improved customer service and more sales through later order cut-off times, greater geographical reach via earlier dispatch, same-day deliveries and longer shelf life for fresh products. “Faster order processing can also cut the cost of delivery, especially via third-party couriers,” adds Adam Fox.

Hygienic cleaning

The MultiPick solution – featuring robots operating on overhead gantries above storage floors filled with stacks of crates – can handle all the logistics needs at a site or can act as an ‘island of automaton’ within a largely manual operation. The modular systems are designed for fast manufacture, commissioning and start-up to ensure rapid ROI. “Another really important benefit concerns hygiene,” continues Adam Fox. “The entire storage area can be emptied automatically for comprehensive cleaning. Of course, there is no racking in the way to hamper this – also saving the cost of the racking itself and any in-rack sprinkler systems.”

More out of less

Other benefits of the MultiPick robotic solution include extremely high pick accuracy, reduced picking cost, the elimination of poor ergonomics in manual handling and the ability to access all goods easily in the unlikely event of a system issue. “Some of the solution’s benefits will be more important for certain customers,” states Fox. “For example, this technology is highly suited to low-rise buildings. Even without height, storage density is maximized as the solution negates the need for conventional warehouse aisles. With buffering, retrieval and picking taken care of by one simple and energy-efficient technology, we get more out of less.”

3D Shuttle ASRS solution

At the show, Cimcorp will also be promoting its 3D Shuttle solution for automatic retrieval of plastic crates, totes and trays required for order fulfilment. Using the same overhead robots, this solution features an extra device: a shuttle that travels back and forth along the robot’s gantry. The robot retrieves the tote required for fulfilment and transfers it to the shuttle. This then travels along the gantry – while the robot continues with its next task – and transfers the tote to the outfeed conveyor, from where it is fed to the picking stations. “We calculate that the 3D Shuttle™ can make order picking six times more efficient than a manual solution,” concludes Adam Fox, “which makes it extremely competitive against existing systems in the retail, foodservice and e-commerce sectors.”

IntraLogisteX 2017 in United Kingdom

Time March 15-16, 2017
Location Ricoh Arena, Coventry, United Kingdom
Objective Logistics and supply chain solutions
Stand 112
More info intralogistex.co.uk

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