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Dream tire factory to be built in India

Jul 05, 2010 Cimcorp Headquarter

Cimcorp’s Dream Factory – a totally integrated, automatic handling solution for tire plants
– becomes reality first time as a complete delivery to one customer.

Cimcorp’s solutions have been revolutionizing the tire manufacturing industry since 2001. The company has developed automated material handling solutions for each process phase in the tire manufacture. The total solution is called Dream Factory. Even if each stage of the total concept has become reality many times in the tire industry, this is the first time when a total Dream Factory will be built at one tire factory.

Dream Factory means a complete, end-to-end automated logistics solution for tire plants, controlled by a single operating system that supervises the material flows throughout the entire factory. The Cimcorp systems automate the handling operations at every stage of the plant: from tire building and the green tire buffer, through curing to finishing and uniformity testing, and then to storage, picking and dispatch at the loading dock. Using the right combination of linear transfer robots, TyrePick overhead gantry robots, palletizing robots and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), Cimcorp solutions make dynamic use of available space, optimize material flows and minimize buffer stocks. In addition, Cimcorp’s Warehouse Control System (WCS) provides complete control of the order picking and material flows, allowing individual tires to be tracked through the entire process.

Click here to see the Dream Factory concept.

Cimcorp’s dream factory systems secure a number of tangible benefits for tire producers:

  • High flexibility. Overhead gantry systems offer exceptionally high flexibility to meet fluctuations in production. Additionally, floor-based storage is both totally programmable – allowing it to accommodate changes in the product range easily and economically – and completely accessible at all times, allowing manual backup operations if necessary.
  • High productivity. With automated systems determining the pace of work, productivity is considerably higher, resulting in shorter lead-times and greater earnings potential. 
  • Reduced WIP. Reductions in green tire buffer stocks not only reduce WIP (Work In Process) but also save considerable space, which can be used for production.
  • Total material flow control. Real-time inventories and data tracking throughout the system give 100% product traceability, improved availability and total control.