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Development of Cimcorp+ series continues

Sep 12, 2016 Cimcorp Headquarter

NEW ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS Cimcorp+ is the latest generation of products from Cimcorp that provides the answer to the sustainability requirements of the industrial world today.

Soon there will be new family members in the range to join the energy-efficient Cimcorp+ robots that are already on the market, as several other Cimcorp products are undergoing an upgrade process.

Gantry-type robots are the key components in Cimcorp’s automatic material handling systems, but total solutions often require other devices as well. Over the years, Cimcorp has developed special handling equipment such as orientation devices, stackers and destackers for the tire industry, as well as tote stackers and destackers for order fulfillment solutions.

Now all of these special products are under careful review and the development of the next generation has begun. The aim is to create solutions that are faster, lighter and more environmentally friendly. Energy savings, carbon footprint reduction, recyclability and sustainability have become key values in industry today and Cimcorp+ is our response to feedback from our customers.

All these solutions are being designed as independent system components, each including the handling device, controller and infeed and outfeed conveyors. In this way, they can be operated independently and easily integrated into bigger systems. This will reduce the time needed for the engineering, production and installation of the equipment.