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Cimcorp wins major material handling system project for PostNord AB

Nov 06, 2012 Cimcorp Headquarter

Cimcorp has been awarded a contract to supply a large-scale tray-sorting and sequencing system for the new mail sorting center of PostNord AB.

The total solution includes a tray-sorting area based on Cimcorp’s gantry robots and a separate dedicated robotic tray-sequencing area connected to flat-sorting machines. Also included in the delivery are extensive conveyor systems for trays and bulk mail/maxi letters to be supplied by Transnorm GmbH of Germany. The total material flow will be controlled by Cimcorp’s warehouse management software WCS. As general contractor, Cimcorp will also take care of the integration, installation and start up. The system will be operational in August 2013. 

The contract was designed to supply the material handling system for the Hallsberg sorting center, but the framework agreement includes also options concerning the forthcoming new Rosersberg sorting center, as well as the other existing sorting centers in Sweden. 

“Cimcorp’s gantry robots have been implemented in many industries including mail handling for years to shorten throughput times and speed up the operation. Now, the new feature of our gantry robot, the 3D Shuttle, will be applied for the first time in the postal services sector. In tray sequencing Cimcorp’s innovation shortens the lead time between 1st pass and 2nd pass to a minimum,” states Markku Vesa, CEO of Cimcorp Oy. 

Cimcorp Oy 

Cimcorp Oy is a Finnish company specializing in material handling and intralogistics automation using robotics and advanced software technologies. Cimcorp Oy Group – which consists of Cimcorp Oy in Finland and RMT Robotics Ltd in Canada – has become a leading supplier worldwide to the tire industry, and is also strong as a supplier to the food & retail and postal services sectors. The group has 250 employees and has delivered 2000 robotic systems across five continents. 


PostNord was formed in 2009 through the merger of Post Danmark A/S and Posten AB. The group offers communication and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region, with sales of approximately SEK 40 billion and over 40,000 employees. Operations are managed in business areas Breve Danmark (mail), Meddelande Sverige (mail) and Logistics, and in Strålfors. The parent company is a Swedish public company headquartered in Solna, Sweden. Read more about PostNord at www.postnord.com

For more information, please contact Jarno Honkanen, Sales Manager for Cimcorp Oy, at jarno.honkanen@cimcorp.com. 

For media information and photos, please contact Paula Ovaskainen by phone at +35826775221 or by e-mail at paula.ovaskainen@cimcorp.com.

The new feature of Cimcorp’s gantry robot, the 3D Shuttle, is applied in the flats sequencing process to shorten the lead time between passes.