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Cimcorp unveils next generation’s orientation device

Mar 06, 2017 Cimcorp Headquarter

Energy-efficient Cimcorp+ product family is growing. Redesigned tire orientation device is distinctly lighter, but significantly more versatile than its predecessor. The first redesigned devices will be installed at tire plants this year.

Cimcorp unveils the new orientation device – also known as spotting device – for tire industry. The device orientates a green tire in the right angle to the curing mold. There are new models both for passenger car radial (PCR) and truck and bus radial (TBR) tire manufacture. Gantry-robots are the key components in Cimcorp’s automatic material handling systems, but total solutions require other devices as well. Cimcorp wants to provide answers to the sustainability requirements of today, but with orientation device we took a step further – to the future.

The orientation device is designed as an independent system component, including the handling device, controller and infeed and outfeed conveyors. In this way, it can be operated independently and easily integrated into bigger systems. This will reduce the time needed for the engineering, production and installation of the equipment.

Environmental benefits in mind and other goals set for redesigning of the orientation device really challenged research team to rethink everything from functionality to structure and technics. Innovative design ideas were used to make the device lighter and more versatile and more functional.

“Handling of the green tire is more precise and gentler, the orientation device recognizes different tire sizes and handling them is optimized,”

says Mika Laine, Product Manager at Cimcorp.

Energy savings, carbon footprint reduction, recyclability and sustainability have become key values in industry today and at Cimcorp our goal is to create solutions that are faster, lighter and more environmentally friendly.