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Cimcorp to showcase its robotic order fulfillment solutions during the first virtual ProMatDX show

Feb 18, 2021 Cimcorp North America

Attendees will have the opportunity to view on-demand demos of Cimcorp’s automated systems and chat live with a company expert to discover the best solution for their warehousing challenges

GRIMSBY, Ontario – Cimcorp, a manufacturer and integrator of turnkey robotic order fulfillment and tire-handling solutions, announces its participation in the first-ever ProMat Digital Experience (ProMatDX) show, scheduled to be held virtually April 12-16, 2021. During the show, Cimcorp will be sharing its robotic order fulfillment systems designed to help warehouses and distribution centers overcome today’s toughest operational challenges—from tightening storage space and demanding lead times, to labor shortages and seasonal fluctuations in order volumes.

ProMatDX attendees will be able to view on-demand demos of Cimcorp’s automated solutions, presented by the company’s Director of Sales, Derek Rickard. These will include:

Crate picking

Combining buffer storage and order picking into one seamless operation, the MultiPick can rapidly handle a large volume of products stored in industry-standard crates, trays and totes across a high-density storage area. The MultiPick’s ability to meet high throughputs with 100-percent order accuracy make it an ideal solution for the distribution of fresh produce, dairy foods and baked goods, where product freshness is dependent on the speed of fulfillment.

Layer Picking

The Layer Pick uses gantry robots, each equipped with a vacuum picking head and clamp gripper, to pick products stored in layered quantities. Using varying force and vacuum strength based on the individual SKU, the system can handle virtually any consumer product on the market. A key differentiator is its ability to pick one-layer, multiple layers, and even entire pallet loads to build rainbow pallets. When integrated with an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) or case picking automation, it creates the perfect end-to-end picking solution. The Layer Pick is ideal for facilities, including third-party logistics providers, picking over 1,000 layers per day from inventories of 50-500 SKUs.

Case Picking

Cimcorp’s case picking solution integrates an AS/RS with automated case picking and mixed case palletizing—all managed by a Warehouse Control System. It can handle a wide variety of products with high speed and precision, including for grocery distribution—an industry in which Cimcorp has a breadth of knowledge and experience. Modular and flexible, the case picking system can be scaled up as a business expands, making it a future-proof solution.

Cimcorp’s automation experts will be available as well to chat live with attendees to discuss their unique warehousing needs. There will also be a variety of resources to view and download, including customer videos, case studies and product brochures.

Derek Rickard commented,

“While the past year has been filled with unprecedented challenges, it’s also highlighted many long existing ones within company warehouses and distribution centers—particularly those still reliant on manual order picking by employees. Issues can range from difficulties scaling operations due to spiking demand to managing SKU proliferation as a result of ongoing business growth. By recognizing these challenges, however, organizations can begin to understand how solutions like automation can help to overcome them and optimize processes within their facilities.”

Rickard added, “We look forward to meeting with ProMatDX attendees and would like to commend MHI for enabling the show to go on this year in an innovative and safe format.”

About Cimcorp

Cimcorp Group – part of Murata Machinery, Ltd. (Muratec) – is a leading global supplier of turnkey automation for intralogistics, using advanced robotics, material handling and software technologies. As well as being a manufacturer and integrator of pioneering material handling systems for the tire industry, Cimcorp has developed unique robotic solutions for order fulfillment and storage for the food & beverage, retail, e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and postal services sectors. Together with its parent company, Cimcorp boasts a worldwide network of service locations. Designed to reduce operating costs, ensure traceability and improve efficiency, these systems are used within manufacturing and distribution centers in over 40 countries across six continents.