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Cimcorp supplies Tuko Logistics with order picking system for daily consumer goods

Jan 02, 2012 Cimcorp Headquarter

Tuko Logistics has ordered a major robotics system from Cimcorp that will automate part of Tuko’s order picking process. This investment will significantly enhance the effectiveness of their logistics.

The technical solution is based on the Cimcorp robotics application that has been developed for the distribution of products delivered in plastic crates. Cimcorp order picking systems are in use at the facilities of major European retailers, such as Eroski, Vroegop-Windig, ICA and Colruyt as well as large food&beverage companies, including Arla and Valio dairies, and Fazer bakeries. A new innovative feature of the Tuko system is that the robots deliver products in plastic crates from the storage area to the picking stations. 

CEO of Tuko Logistics, Petteri Pelkonen, says that this major investment project will raise the efficiency of order picking process and logistics to a new level. 

“The process challenge for Tuko is the relatively wide SKU portfolio in relation to volumes and thus the high level of logistics costs.” 

About 7,000 products, mainly slow movers, will enter the new system. 

CEO of Cimcorp, Markku Vesa, believes that the deal is recognition of Cimcorp’s successful continuous development of order picking automation. 
“There are now 30 of our order picking systems operating in Finland and worldwide, many of them extensive in size such as this. In the Tuko project we have developed an additional feature known as goods-to-man for their system, where the products to be picked are brought automatically to the order picker rather than the order picker having to go to the product. This enhances order picking effectiveness many times over and also improves order picking ergonomics.” 

For further information 

CEO Markku Vesa, Cimcorp Oy, +358 44 059 2753 
CEO Petteri Pelkonen, Tuko Logistics Cooperative, +358 40 517 2001 

Cimcorp Oy is the leading supplier of gantry robot systems for the tire and food industry as well as mail distribution centers. The logistical solutions delivered by Cimcorp to automate logistics and production improve the profitability and competitiveness of customer operations. 

The Tuko Logistics Cooperative is a groceries assortment, purchasing and logistics service provider. Its owners and customer companies include Suomen Lähikauppa Oy, Wihuri Oy, Stockmann Oyj Abp and Heinon Tukku Oy.