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Cimcorp automates distribution center at Fazer

May 05, 2004 Cimcorp Headquarter
General bakery distribution center

Fazer Bakeries automate its distribution center in Lahti. Cimcorp supplies an extensive gantry robot-based automation system for casing and order-picking of bakery products. The automation will boost the effectiveness of the distribution center and help Fazer to keep its competitiveness.

The automation system manages the total product flow after production from casing through order-picking to loading docks. The bread cases are automatically transferred from the production lines to the dispatch area, where Cimcorp’s MultiPick® robot technology is applied for order-picking. Cimcorp’s EmptyPickTM robot solution handles the empty crates in the system.

The automation system is controlled by Cimcorp’s order picking software MP-OPSTM, which manages casing, storing and order-picking as well as the material flow between these phases. Additionally, it co-operates in real-time with the customer’s ERP system.

The new system will be implemented gradually starting in 2004. Cimcorp’s scope of supply includes also the installation and commissioning of the system at the customer’s facilities. The contract value is about seven million euros.