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Cimcorp automates AGA’s gas cylinder filling plant – one of the most advanced in the world

Jul 04, 2017 Cimcorp Headquarter

In mid-June, AGA, the leading gas company in Northern Europe, opened its totally refurbished gas cylinder filling plant in Riihimäki near Helsinki, which is the biggest of its kind in Finland. Cimcorp’s gantry robots handle the cylinders at different phases of the process in the first fully automated gas cylinder filling plant in the world.

When completed in 1995, the filling plant was the most modern in the world – and the gas cylinders were handled by Cimcorp robots then too. Thanks to the refurbishment, the plant will retain its position as international frontrunner. From the Riihimäki facility, AGA supplies its customers with oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide, as well as medical and medicinal gases, and specialty gases. Carefully customized gas mixtures are also prepared at the plant: the filling plant’s automation control system recognizes over 200 different gas mixture recipes.

“We are proud and delighted that the refurbishment enables us to continue to provide AGA customers with the smoothest, safest and most comprehensive service possible,” says Pekka Vaahtera, operations manager at AGA Finland.

In the Cimcorp system, gantry robots take care of the sorting, storing and order picking of gas cylinders, vision systems identify the gas cylinders at different stages of the process, and the WCS system controls the whole material flow.

Watch AGA’s video about their advanced gas cylinder filling plant