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Cimcorp appoints Pinomaa as Board member

Jun 23, 2021 Cimcorp Headquarter

With experience from Nokia and Suunto, Juha Pinomaa will enhance the Board’s focus on growth strategy and strengthen its knowledge of major growth markets in the USA and Asia.

Cimcorp Group has appointed Juha Pinomaa as a new Board member. Pinomaa will bring diverse and comprehensive knowledge of international business, having lived for 10 years in the US and Asia. He has over two decades of experience in leadership in international business – 17 years in Nokia Mobile Phones and 5 years as CEO of Suunto, both in highly competitive markets. Pinomaa also has strong knowledge of US markets, as he lived in Dallas in the nineties and in Silicon Valley in the last decade.

“We are excited to refresh our Board with Juha Pinomaa, who has worked for a long time in the US and Asian markets. He knows how to establish a strong sales organization and how can we raise brand awareness in US. He can also support our efforts in Asia,” says Cimcorp’s CEO, Tero Peltomäki.

“Each member brings different strengths and abilities to the Board, and when they merge their skills toward the vision of Cimcorp, it creates a synergy that contributes to our growth strategy. I’m happy to have Juha as a Board member and also to support me as an advisor.”

Seeking synergy from Murata Machinery’s portfolio

Pinomaa is a professional Board member, and has comprehensive experience in Board work. He has contributed to achieving structured growth strategies in several companies. “In my career I’ve been producing and implementing over 20 growth strategies in different formats. Practical experience brings quality to understanding risks and finding models for success,” says Pinomaa.

Peltomäki says, “I really like Juha’s can-do and hands-on attitude. From our short journey together, I can already say that he is a really committed, dynamic and forward-looking person.”

One of the main areas of focus will be strengthening the co-operation and integration with parent company Murata Machinery, which is one of the biggest companies globally in logistics and automation.

Pinomaa believes that his experience in international business will help him to provide advice to Cimcorp as the company plans to expand internationally in the US and Asia. “Through my career, I have learned what it takes to build sales organizations close to customers in the US and Asia. My understanding of Asian business culture is also beneficial as we are developing our co-operation further with Murata Machinery.”

“On behalf of Cimcorp, I want to express our gratitude to Kari Ollila, who has concluded his service as a valued Board member. We wish Kari the best in his future endeavors,” says Peltomäki.

Cimcorp Board

  • Daisuke Murata, Chairman of the Board
  • Masatoshi Wakabayashi
  • Takenori Yanai
  • Tomoyasu Kurita
  • Seppo Collander
  • Juha Pinomaa