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Cimcorp and Dolmen IP to supply order picking automation to retail chain Colruyt in Belgium

Mar 25, 2003 Cimcorp Headquarter
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Dolmen Industrial Projects (Dolmen IP) has placed an order to Cimcorp for the supply of 6 MultiPick® robots for the Colruyt Dassenveld fresh green products distribution center. The robots will take care of the full crate order picking process in a system, which will be integrated by Dolmen IP and be operational in 2004. The system will be the first MultiPick® concept in the retail industry and highly advantageous compered with any other means to manage the order picking process for returnable vegetable and fruit crates.

Colruyt is the second largest and fastest growing retail chain in Belgium. The company has a large distribution complex in Halle, 20 km south of Brussels. From there the supermarkets and shops of the chain are served on daily basis by picking and consolidating the orders by the customers. The distribution is increasingly becoming more frequent and at the same time the requirement for flexibility to adapt to the future changes is high. In this world the MultiPick® concept gives the best option for the retailer to automate the process.

Dolmen IP (www.dolmen-ip.com) is a leading Belgian system integrator with extensive experience in building automation systems to fit exactly to the customers needs.
Dolmen IP will build a comprehensive order picking system around the MultiPick® robots starting from goods infeed on pallets and ending in mixed customer pallets outfeed thorough a wrapping station. Dolmen IP will also supply the total automation and system controls with interfaces to the Colruyt main frame system.

Dolmen IP and Cimcorp have made careful studies and analysis of the system requirements and functionality with extensive testing of the different retail plastic crate types used within the Colruyt green products distribution. The conditions with the 7/24 operating environment are very demanding. Therefore also the qualification and planning process has been very careful.