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Being responsive to industry trends is the key to success in the tire industry

Feb 28, 2019 Cimcorp Headquarter

Cimcorp to showcase its solutions, service and philosophy at Tire Technology Expo 2019

Ulvila, Finland – Feb 28, 2019 – At this year’s Tire Technology Expo, Cimcorp will explain how its success comes from focusing on the needs of tire manufacturers, which are in turn formed by developments in the automotive industry. At booth 9026, Cimcorp will present its automated material handling solutions, which have transformed the efficiency of tire factories worldwide.

“Keeping our customers happy depends largely on enabling them to keep their customers happy,” explains Kai Tuomisaari, Vice President of Sales for Cimcorp. “Our task is to track developments in consumer demand in the automotive sector to ensure that our tire-producing clients are able to respond in an agile way to the demands of car manufacturers.”

High quality is the mantra in tire production today, but it must be achieved at optimum cost. “Consumers investing in high-performance cars expect nothing less that perfection from the tires, so quality is essential for tire manufacturers,” says Kai Tuomisaari. “However, the high price of raw materials means that production must be optimized to minimize scrap. With our Dream Factory solution, production is completely streamlined,” he says.

Using the slogan ‘more out of less’, Cimcorp believes that intelligent automation and harnessing of data are the gateway to reducing production costs and maximizing the capacity of every machine. When production is optimized, storage and work-in-process can be reduced, thereby releasing capital that is otherwise tied up. “Through robotic automation, intelligent software and data analysis, we make it possible to utilize expensive process machinery more efficiently,” says Kai Tuomisaari. “What’s more, every tire is tracked and traced from raw material to the shipping dock.”

With the number of SKUs rising, having total control over tire production is more important than ever. “The increasing numbers of electric vehicles combined with consumer demands for ever greater vehicle customization mean there is SKU proliferation in established tire markets,” explains Kai Tuomisaari, “and with autonomous vehicles on the horizon, this will only increase. The robotic automation and innovative software tools of our Dream Factory solution liberate our customers, enabling them to focus on the things they do best, while we focus on what we do best – optimizing the material flows in tire factories. Dream Factory enables tire plants to be proactive rather than reactive,” he adds.

Rapid and reliable service is another key aspect of Cimcorp’s success in the tire industry. With the vast majority of plants running 24/7, machinery or IT failures mean downtime and lost production that can simply never be recovered.

“Our clients – and their customers – depend on us to keep their systems up-and-running,” says Kai Tuomisaari, “through remote support, preventive maintenance and having resident technicians on site.”

Find out more from the Cimcorp team by visiting booth 9026, hall 21 at Tire Technology Expo, taking place in Halls 19-21 at Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Germany, from 5th to 7th March.

About Cimcorp

Cimcorp Group — part of Murata Machinery, Ltd. (Muratec) — is a leading global supplier of turnkey automation for intralogistics, using advanced robotics, material handling and software technologies. As well as being a manufacturer and integrator of pioneering material handling systems for the tire industry, Cimcorp has developed unique robotic solutions for order fulfillment and storage for the food & beverage, retail, e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and postal services sectors. Together with its parent company, Cimcorp boasts a worldwide network of service locations. Designed to reduce operating costs, ensure traceability and improve efficiency, these systems are used within manufacturing and distribution centers in over 40 countries across six continents.