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A new kind of solution for loading a curing press

Apr 24, 2006 Cimcorp Headquarter

Cimcorp has developed a totally automated robotic system for loading curing press, which completely transforms the material flow in the area around the curing press.

Loading the curing press is one of the most challenging stages logistically in tire manufacturing. Tires must be stored in cars near the machines and the transfer and storage of the cars is an everyday logistical headache.

The new curing press loading system developed by Cimcorp has automated the buffer storage, transfer and handling of green tires, making the entire material flow more manageable.

‘The curing press loading robot we have developed leaves the floor around the curing press free. Our solutions also include automated warehousing of green tires either individually on one level or stacked in racks,’ explains Matti Heikkilä, product manager.

At the same time Cimcorp’s new concept simplifies operations, since thanks to automation, the exact location of each tire is known.

The curing press loading robot is a technically complex device, because the robot has to be able to perform long vertical and horizontal movements. The robot must also fit even in low factory halls.

‘The extended vertical movement is achieved with a three-part telescopic structure. In its upper position it only takes up a small space, so that forklift trucks can pass under the robot and change the curing press mold. The long horizontal movement on the other hand allows a whole row of curing presses to be tended,’ says Heikkilä.

Occupational safety issues also had to be addressed during the product development of the robot. The curing press operator and the loading robot have to be able to work in harmony together. The safety system ensures that the operator can enter the robot’s working envelope safely. A PLC is used to control the loading robot. The control cabinet is located on the floor next to the robot, but the motor drives travel in a moving carriage.