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Modernizing intralogistics with software-driven automation

Apr 26, 2022
Distribution distribution center fresh food supermarket

Intralogistics system integrator, Cimcorp, with its software-driven automation will be exhibiting at LogiMAT, which takes place from May 31 to June 2 in Stuttgart, Germany.

We will be demonstrating holistic solutions to amp up the intralogistics of the major players in the food retail industry. To meet our customers’ intralogistics challenges, we integrate advanced robotic technologies and software with leading-edge material handling systems.

Netto Marken-Discount automates logistics centre with Cimcorp

German food retailer Netto Marken-Discount, boasting the largest range of groceries in the discount segment, is automating its logistics for fresh produce with Cimcorp. This makes Netto the very first German retailer to use this system.

“Getting fresh fruit and vegetables from producers to the branches is an absolute race against the clock. In many cases, only a few hours pass between receipt at our logistics centers and delivery to our stores. In Cimcorp, we have found a service provider to supply us with a solution for fully automated order picking of ergonomically packed fruit and vegetable pallets, a solution that meets the requirements of our branches – fast, reliably, and cost-effectively,“

says Christina Stylianou, Head of Corporate Communications at Netto Marken-Discount.

If successfully commissioned, the retail organization plans to implement additional automated logistics systems at its other storage locations. We at Cimcorp have already successfully deployed automated facilities in the fruit and vegetable sector in other European countries.

Freshness is paramount

Firstly, our solutions are designed to speed up warehouse operations. This is vital for perishable food items in order to maximize their freshness. “Freshness is synonymous with quality in grocery retail,” explains Kai Tuomisaari, Cimcorp’s VP, Sales. “With limited sales windows for fresh food, faster order processing means that freshness is maximized at the retail store, giving a longer shelf life for perishable products.”

Traceability with warehouse control system

Every industrial beverage has to be traceable from the store to the brewery and from there to the industrial farmer of each and every raw material that is used in making our beer or soft drinks. The inventory in warehouse control has to be 100 per cent accurate and absolutely reliable with no exceptions. With our current WCS, this is a reality.

Marjatta Rissanen, Customer Service and Administration Director at Olvi Brewery.

Solving tomorrow’s challenges

Secondly, with fresh food, especially perishables, time is essential. Moreover, the faster we can deliver the products to the stores, the longer they’ll be on sale – resulting in more profit.

Automated systems fulfill orders in stages so new products can arrive and be picked immediately to guarantee freshness. Cimcorp’s solutions are designed to meet the modern demands of distribution. In conclusion, these mean shorter lead times, SKU proliferation, and challenging seasonal peaks amid labor shortages. We have developed unique order fulfillment and storage solutions for the tire, food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and postal services industries.

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