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Cimcorp´s new goods-to-man solution ideal for e-commerce distribution centers

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Cimcorp has developed a new gantry robot concept designed for the order fullfilment of goods stored in plastic crates. The new innovation is a gripper combined with a shuttle device, which can grip a single crate anywhere from the floor storage and take it out of the storage in 10 seconds.

The solution can be adapted to any application in which a large number of SKUs are handled in plastic crates, totes, or bins. It takes care of a range of operations including the buffer storage of goods arriving from production or goods-in, sorting and order picking of products.

This goods-to-man solution is an ideal concept for slow-moving products in retail and wholesale as well as e-commerce distribution centers. It is also beneficial for distribution centres handling parts and components, which face a large product range and very high service-level requirements.

Robotic technology can either be applied as part of a fully integrated automated handling system, or as an ‘island’ of automation within a predominantly manual facility.

Due to its very short cycle time, the solution offers an extremely high handling and order picking capacity, increasing order-picking efficiency tremendously. The dynamic gantry-robot system also features flexible and efficient use of space. It delivers an unbeatably high level of hygiene thanks to the overhead gantry robot and open floor concept.


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