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Cimcorp Installs Layer Pick System in Sazerac’s New Distribution Center, The Glenmore Distillery

Apr 28, 2016 Cimcorp North America
Distribution Beverage distribution center

Leading intralogistics automation specialist supplies innovative system to automate $45 million technically advanced distribution center.

GRIMSBY, Ontario
 – April 28, 2016 – Cimcorp Automation Ltd. (Cimcorp), a manufacturer and integrator of turnkey robotic gantry-based order fulfillment and tire handling solutions, announces the installation of its layer pick system in The Glenmore Distillery’s new, revolutionary distribution center in Ownesboro, KY. The newly completed 223,000 square-foot distribution center is a part of parent company Sazerac’s $71 million investment in the state of Kentucky.

“We’re pleased our business has grown enough to support such a highly advanced distribution center,” said Chris Stout, plant general manager, The Glenmore Distillery.  “We look forward to being able to serve our customers in a more efficient manner and being prepared for potential future growth.”

Cimcorp’s layer pick system contains one robot on an 11 meter by 96 meter gantry frame with 270 pallet positions and has the ability to pick a near limitless variety of products. The layer pick system, also equipped with a clamp and vacuum picking head, is capable of multiple layer picks, resulting in the moving of 80 layers per hour. Cimcorp’s unique solution improves picking efficiency while ensuring 100 percent order accuracy. The Glenmore Distillery distribution center will have improved traceability due to the flexible and compact Layer Pick system that has access to a large volume of inventory. The Layer Pick system is integrated with Westfalia Technologies, Inc.’ s automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) to replenish the stacks.

Rick Trigatti, North America president, Cimcorp Automation Ltd. , said, “Cimcorp’s innovative layer pick  solution cuts handling costs and improves profitability in exceedingly competitive markets. We are excited to start this new chapter with Sazerac by supplying a unique solution to help them reach their goal of streamlining their operation at The Glenmore Distillery while improving overall quality, reliability and accuracy.”

Cimcorp’s layer pick solution suits large distribution centers dealing with consumer goods as well as the food and beverage industry. The advanced system can be applied in any distribution center shipping volume in layer qualities and can pick more than 1,000 layers per day from 50-500 stock keeping units.

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Cimcorp Layer pick Download image

About Cimcorp

Cimcorp Group – part of Murata Machinery, Ltd. (Muratec) – is a leading global supplier of turnkey automation for intralogistics, using advanced robotics and software technologies. As well as being a manufacturer and integrator of pioneering material handling systems for the tyre industry, Cimcorp has developed unique robotic solutions for order fulfilment and storage that are being used in the food & beverage, retail, e-commerce, FMCG and postal services sectors. With locations in Finland and Canada, the group has around 300 employees and has delivered over 2,000 logistics automation solutions. Designed to reduce operating costs, ensure traceability and improve efficiency, these systems are used within manufacturing and distribution centres in 40 countries across five continents.

About The Glenmore Distiller

The Glenmore Distillery has been a fixture in the Owensboro Community since the late 1800s. Originally called the Monarch Distillery, James Thompson re-named it The Glenmore Distillery after the Glenmore Castle near his birthplace in County Derry, Northern Ireland. During Prohibition, The Glenmore Distillery was fortunate enough to be one of four distilleries in the country allowed to operate on a limited scale for medicinal necessity.

Surviving tragedies such as flood and fire, the distillery went on to fill its two millionth barrel of whiskey in 1946. In 1973 it was producing 540 barrels a day. Although distilling operations ceased in 1973, bottling and warehousing continued at The Glenmore Distillery.

In March of 2009 the Sazerac Company purchased the Distillery and reprised the name The Glenmore Distillery. The Distillery boasts one of the largest and most modern bottling facilities in the country and continues to be a sizable employer in the city of Owensboro, KY. For more information, visit www.sazerac.com.

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