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Automation, innovation, and togetherness over the long haul

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The beginning of 2022 is an ideal time to set our goals for the year ahead. Considering the changing supply chain environment, we may have already started future visioning our goals as early as the last quarter of the previous year.  

Having an inventory and supply system that flows smoothly encourages long-term resilience, compliance with future requirements for transparency and sustainability, as well as reduces carbon footprints and maximizes raw materials and fresh produce usage. 

We aim to break the myth that automated intralogistics systems are complex and difficult to implement. Instead, we rely on a logical and systematic flow of inventory through your facility, irrespective of the type of warehouse or distribution center, or manufacturing plant you operate. 

People adapt to change and understand context in changing environments at a different pace. On the other hand, robots excel at repetitive work and can detect patterns in large data sets. Thus, it is necessary to realize that automation is not always the only solution for each logistics flow.  

A better approach would be to strike a balance between human interaction and automation. We at Cimcorp encourage you to make sure that people are safe, get rid of time-wasting, inefficient processes, and enhance your supply chain’s strategic architecture where applicable. 

“We got an hour-by-hour installation schedule beforehand, and it was adhered to throughout the process. The project management was excellent and unprecedented.” comments Mika Suvanto, Fazer Bakeries 

“All the automation will be controlled by Cimcorp software, which integrates various technologies into a seamless system. If one module is out of operation for a while – such as when cleaning is performed – the others continue in operation to take care of the material flow.” states Kai Tuomisaari, Cimcorp’s Vice President, Sales. 

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Grow your business with sophisticated automation to increase productivity.

Is it time for me to automate? 

Even though the supply chain is struggling through tough times, the current state does foster business resilience to disruption, spur innovation, and pave the way for logistics automation.  

It is our hope that COVID-19 will be a once-in-a-lifetime event. We must, however, stand out by creating a set of supply chain strategies focused on your people, at the center of your efforts.  In this way, your business can take advantage of any crisis that arises, turning disruptions into opportunities. 

For example, jobs that require continuous lifting or cold temperatures put your people at a higher risk of injury. Your company’s highest priority is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your people, and automation can help you do just that. 

With e-commerce, you must plan and predict logistics flows more consistently to achieve next-day fulfillment, which requires streamlined delivery. A seamless integrated intralogistics system does not damage infrastructure, loads, or cause injuries. Additionally, automating your material handling will reduce your energy consumption, as well as wear less quickly with proper maintenance

“Automation comes with a price tag, but when you invest in high-quality automation, it ages well. Nevertheless, all automation has wearable parts that need to be replaced from time to time. Who better to maintain and repair the solution than the people who designed and installed it in the first place? Alimerka wants to get the most out of this investment, so we want to take care of it in order that it will last several decades.” We have to have a reliable solution so that the hard work, time and money invested in fresh produce doesn’t go to waste. This is why we have invested in fresh food automation from Cimcorp.” 

Alimerka’s CEO, Alejandro Fernández González

Intralogistics systems: what are the  benefits? 

When simplicity meets peace of mind, we are at our finest. An integrated intralogistics system responds to your supply chain strategy connecting material handling equipment with our warehouse control system. With all these components connected, you can benefit from a well-designed, custom-fit integrated intralogistics system as follows: 

1.    Improve customer service and nurture long-term relationships. 

2.    Speed up delivery and optimize logistics costs in manufacturing, distribution, and transportation. 

3.    Streamline your operations to make it easier to handle goods on time. 

4.    Manage inventory and information accurately with real-time monitoring, and reduce inventory excesses. 

5. Minimize lead-time through error-free picking, precise item sequencing, and accurate palletizing, which ensures fast and accurate delivery, while enhancing supply chain efficiency. 

Simplicity beats complexity in automation 

While we love sunsets and grandma’s food, we know that we have to reduce stress, drama and waste in our business to focus on its future. 

Your automation journey follows three simple steps: 

1. To begin with, we need to understand your business, the flow of logistics on your site, and your main challenges. Since you are the main character in this story, you tell us everything, and we actively listen to you.  

2. Next comes the optimization phase. You do not want to automate “whatever” at this stage, so we visit you to find common elements i.e. inbound docks, material buffers, picking and storage areas for preparing goods, production area, final goods storage, outbound area, etc. This will give us an overview of the overall process. 

3. Last but not least, show time. As each cell and each business unit are unique, everyone should be provided with the most appropriate solution. We work together  with you to determine your specific challenges, and to overcome them step by step through trust and teamwork. In the end, finding the optimal solution comes down to putting together the right pieces. 

Author Derek Rickard

Your supply chain strategy, our intralogistics solution

So where should you start? We can help simplify and increase the efficiency of your materials flow to get you prepared for the retail world of tomorrow. Reach out to us today!

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