Cimcorp is a full-service provider of automated guided vehicle (AGV) solutions, offering consulting, engineering, system development, implementation, fleet management and customer care.

Our AGV solutions dynamically move items within production, warehouse and distribution environments. They optimize productivity by autonomously and securely transporting work-in-process and finished materials between automated and manual work cells, connecting “islands of automation.”

Fleet management

As a core part of our full-service offering, we provide fleet management software to our customers alongside our AGV solutions. These high-level systems enable facilities to deploy and manage vehicles in an integrated system. Within this system, the AGVs interact with various other equipment and people. The fleet management software enables everything to work together, seamlessly.

Fast and flexible

Cimcorp AGV solutions are ideal for numerous applications:

  • Receiving to warehouse
  • Manufacturing to warehouse
  • Warehouse to manufacturing
  • Work cell to work cell
  • Storage and retrieval
  • Warehouse to picking
  • Picking to shipping
  • Transport in production
  • Just-in-time order fulfillment
  • End-of-line transport
  • Trailer loading and unloading

Cimcorp AGV types

We use a diverse line of high-quality, advanced vehicles when designing an automated transport solution to meet your unique needs.

  • Compact AGVs
  • Counter balance AGVs
  • Mobile robots
  • Narrow and very narrow aisle AGVs
  • Tugger AGVs
  • Unit load AGVs
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