Our robotic order picking solutions are designed to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, eliminate errors and ensure traceability in any distribution center where substantial volumes are handled in plastic totes, crates, trays, cases or layers. Most applications are found within the distribution end of food and beverage manufacturing factories (dairies, bakeries, breweries, meat processing plants, etc.), and at distribution centers and cross-docking facilities.

We offer complete order fulfillment solutions that automate the entire distribution center or dispatch area of a manufacturer. In this case, once fresh products enter the robotic system from production, our order fulfillment system manages the entire material flow right up to the shipping dock.

The system’s ultra-high density storage ensures the buffer capability required to balance continuous production with specific delivery windows. The order picking systems can also be installed as subsystems, taking care of the full-crate picking, when the other goods are handled manually or through other picking techniques. This solution is our ‘island’ of automation.

Dairy distribution

The dairy industry is a high throughput business subject to strict sell by dates; it is labor-intensive with a lot of heavy, repetitive lifting in a harsh chill store environment. With prices set by a competitive market, improved profitability comes from streamlining operations and lowering costs.
Our order fulfillment solutions offer a way for industrial dairies to become profitable and are designed to handle the increasing number of SKUs, while maintaining 100% picking accuracy. Our solutions can handle multi-shift processing operations and are able to work within the industrial dairies’ tight delivery schedules that must be met for their retailers. Our gantry robot solutions for full-crate order picking are used for a wide variety of dairy products: milk, cream, yogurts, cheeses, etc.

Beverage distribution

Whether you distribute beverages in plastic crates, on trays, on dollies or in cardboard cases on pallets, Cimcorp offers order fulfillment solutions for you. Beverage distribution is fast moving and deals with high volumes. The order picking process is critical as it affects the end customer directly. The supplier needs the ability to respond swiftly to orders, and to process them accurately.
In any market where beverage distribution is based on product delivered in plastic crates, on trays and dollies, or in cardboard cases – the Cimcorp gantry robot system is an ideal solution for case, layer, full-crate, tray and dolly picking

Bakery distribution

The bakery market is very competitive, and particularly demanding due to the distribution of fresh products like bread. It is a high-volume, low-margin, labor-intensive business and the only way to improve profitability is to lower costs, while improving service levels.
Our order fulfillment systems are especially developed for order picking of products delivered in plastic crates or totes. Ideal for the demanding circumstances of industrial bakeries, these solutions offer 100% picking accuracy, continuous picking 24/7 and real-time control over the supply chain between production and the customer.
Our automatic full-crate order picking system can work as a comprehensive fulfillment system or can be combined with manual operations.

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