Double your sales by shortening lead times with Cimcorp’s revolutionary robotic picking solutions, which can secure rapid ROI, fast fulfillment and you will gain more out of less.

Rapid ROI

Designed for fast manufacture, commissioning and start-up, our modular and scalable systems ensure rapid ROI, low maintenance costs and flexibility for the future.

Fast fulfillment

Robotic handling shortens the order processing window, enabling improved customer service through later order cut-off times, greater geographical reach via earlier dispatch, same-day deliveries and longer shelf life for fresh products.

More out of less

Our proven robotic solutions require no racking or sprinkler systems. Dense storage and rapid retrieval – together with accurate picking – are taken care of by one simple and energy-efficient technology.

Grocery retail

The grocery industry is one of the most challenging retail sectors from a logistics perspective. Retailers distribute goods to retail stores with frequent deliveries to ensure product freshness.

Automation and digitization

Our order fulfillment solutions are an efficient combination of proven robotics technology and intelligent software. With a modular, overhead gantry design, our robotic solutions can cover large working areas.

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