We are six fun, highly energetic, ace professionals, each bringing unique and highly specialized expertise to the table. Our different backgrounds give us the tools and knowledge to develop a plethora of content to help promote and educate on the value that automation brings to our warehouse & distribution and tire customers.

Each day brings its own interesting challenges

VP, Corporate Marketing and Communications
Mob +358 400 939 722
E-mail maarit.leppaaho@cimcorp.com

It’s a pleasure to lead this great team. We learn, we develop, we analyze and measure, and we do all this while having fun too! Our goal is to continuously grow and elevate our knowledge about the marketplace so we can better help our external networks, strengthen Cimcorper’s identities and improve communications, both internally and externally. How to achieve this? With your help of course! Surf through our Insights and let us know what you think of our content.

Sonja Haavisto

Riveting communications enthusiastic

Head of Group Communications

Mob +358 40 508 3653
E-mail sonja.haavisto@cimcorp.com

I live and breathe internal communications and social media. I want people to feel that they belong, which happens when they can be heard and kept in the loop. Videos and photos are my hobbies that have leaked into my professional life. Working atmosphere is one of my passions; I like to think that my positive attitude is contagious.

Embrace perfect imperfections, listen non-biased, and do your best. Repeat.

Content Marketing Manager

Mob +358 505 431 899 
E-mail sussy.saenz@cimcorp.com

With my help and yours, customers can make informed decisions about what Cimcorp can do for them. Creating a unified brand identity for Cimcorp and an external communication strategy that enhances brand recognition are my personal goals. I’m also big on building trust-based relationships and I enjoy achieving success together. Feel free to stop by for a cup of coffee or to share a joke with me.

Sussy Sáenz
Sussy Sáenz
Suvi Talvitie

Curiosity for new is my super power

Demand Marketing Manager
+358 400 353 435

Cimcorp’s overall brand and creating desire for Cimcorp is at the heart of what I do. For me, it’s easy to develop digital services, marketing concepts and process funnels to make them functional and appealing to target audience, but at the end of the day, the best feeling comes from trying something new without being afraid of failure. This allows freedom and learning by doing. For me, the sky’s the limit!

Mastery of muggle communications

Marketing & Communications Coordinator
+1 289 253 7819

With a swish and flick of my wand, I deliver content faster than you can say: “Wingardium Leviosa”! My passion for helping others inspires my creativity, constantly adapting and learning in this ever-changing digital space to better understand our market through analytics. I enjoy creating engaging content which educates, inspires and directs you to the right solution. After all, your success is my success. Once achieved, I know that I have earned my Butterbeer & Chocolate Frog!

Kristiner Taylor
Julie Babis

Cosmic deliverer of information

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Maternity leave

My feet might be on the ground but my messages are flying through space and time to reach the right person in the right way! Analyzing and optimizing the lessons learned and understanding how our customers want to receive information propels me to new heights, to infinity and beyond!!

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