Andreas first heard of Cimcorp in 2012, when he was forging his career elsewhere. The ‘wow’ effect was immediate and then he could not get Cimcorp’s ways of working and solutions out of his mind.

“What attracted me to Cimcorp was the spirit of innovation. That they really had something completely different from the rest of the world. I had never seen logistics solved in this way,” explains Andreas, still clearly enthusiastic after all these years.

Almost ten years later in 2021, Andreas signed a contract to become a Cimcorper himself and participate in the innovative solutions directly. 

”We have a really bright future in doing what we do and how we do it. Cimcorpers truly think outside the box and holistically. We are solving our clients’ problems with really durable solutions, which is impressive,” Andreas continues.

Passionate Austrian automation engineer in Mediterranean heat

Andreas has a master’s degree in Automation Engineering, the combined study of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and IT. He has been interested in logistics automation as long as he can remember.

“Logistics automation is something of a passion. Once you get bitten by the bug of logistics, it doesn’t let go,” he adds, laughing.

This same devotion continues today as he works as a Sales and Customer Support Manager for Cimcorp Iberia, in Madrid.

“Each day is a great challenge to create something new and special. This is really inspiring and motivating for me. Especially in Cimcorp, because we do things differently, we don’t copy. We make our own path,” Andreas says.

His outlook on life is positive and his ability to infuse faith in others is astonishing. Andreas has a strong vision for Cimcorp Iberia’s growth, with the support of the local management.

International experience supports local growth

Andreas is an active member of Cimcorp Iberia, one of our branches in Europe with great potential for growth. His role includes championing customer satisfaction on the Iberian Peninsula and he regularly meets our customers in person.

International knowledge along with local experience and outlook provide a winning combination for the best possible customer service.

“We want to be able to fulfill customers’ requirements even better and meet their needs. Global knowledge with a local touch,” he explains.

Andreas, Sales & CS Manager, Cimcorp Iberia
Andreas, Sales & CS Manager, Cimcorp Iberia

Grow, flow and glow

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