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A new freezer store application RoboPick Polar

Feb 10, 2003 Cimcorp Headquarter

Cimcorp has developed a new application for the automatic order picking machine, RoboPick Polar, which is suitable for freezer store temperatures.

Information and knowhow on freezer applications was gathered from worldwide contacts and the technical solution developed by Cimcorp.RoboPick is Cimcorp’s state-of-the-art automated picking system, designed for picking product cases direct from high-bay warehouse shelves. RoboPick consists of a versatile gripper head mounted on an automatic stacker crane. The crane, instructed by the warehouse management system, travels automatically to the correct picking location. RoboPick’s gripper head then extends to support the load, and is tipped gently to allow the load to be lifted. The load – which can weigh up to 25 kg – is then brought onto the crane’s carriage platform for transport to the output station. This technology can be combined with belt conveyors to form a pick-to-belt solution.

The advantages of fully automatic picking are greater efficiency, constant and reliable picking, reduced damage, as well as improved accuracy. Swisslog has installed RoboPick picking robots in distribution centres working in ambient temperatures for several years.

For the freezer application the machine was re-engineered with consideration given to operability, serviceability and efficiency. Now RoboPick Polar is designed for exposure to temperatures down to -28 degrees Celsius, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The first equipment has been tested in a frozen foods distribution centre with good results.