Tire Industry

What if your tire plant…

• Ran at full capacity
• In 50% less space
• With a 50% smaller investment

This is your solution

The Cimcorp Dream Factory optimizes material and data flow for tire manufacturers from raw material storage to the finished tire loading dock.

In the Dream Factory, production capacity is increased through 100 percent availability of raw materials, compounds, components, green tires and finished tires at all process machines. It means smaller buffer stores and reduced work in process (WIP). Your most valuable process machines, such as building machines and curing presses, are utilized 100 percent by optimizing overall equipment efficiency.

This unique concept uses robot technology for handling and buffer storing, integrated with warehousing and material handling systems, to create a single, end-to-end solution. Intelligent software provides total control of the material and process flow with precise, real-time data for production and inventory management.

With optimized layout design, the system requires half the space of conventional solutions, while the investment in material handling is reduced by 50 percent. With the Cimcorp Dream Factory, less is more.

Full capacity

Tire production capacity is increased through 100 percent availability of all materials and components at all process machines.

50% less space

Total control of the material flow results in smaller buffer stores, reduced work in process (WIP) and efficient use of space.

A 50% smaller investment

With optimized layout design, the investment in material handling is reduced by 50 percent.

Read more at dreamfactory.cimcorp.com

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