Cut your handling costs

Our automatic order picking systems are developed for handling products in plastic crates, totes, trays or baskets with 100% accuracy. Human intervention is limited to operations supervision, orders release (although this may also be automated), order picking sequence selection, transport planning, product shortage management and storage emptying for cleaning or maintenance.

Our gantry robotic solution combines buffer storage and order picking functions into one flexible operation that handles large volumes with ease.

Robotic technology can be applied as a fully integrated, automated handling system; as an ‘island’ of automation within a predominantly manual facility or in addition to other storage and picking areas.

For fresh food (fruits and vegetables) distribution centers that require handling of pallets and a multitude of unit loads, we offer gantry robot solutions as 'islands' of automation or subsystems that handle full crates.

Typical application areas for Cimcorp’s crate picking systems:

  • Fresh produce distribution
  • Dairy distribution
  • Beverage distribution
  • Bakery distribution

Cimcorp Food & Beverage Brewery

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