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Dream Factory materials can be downloaded from this page. Contact our sales team for more information or if you have any questions. Let's keep in touch!

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Cimcorp Dream Factory

Cimcorp Dream Factory

The Cimcorp Dream Factory optimizes material and data flow for tire manufacturers from raw material storage, through work in process, to the finished tire loading dock.

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Fully automated handling for tire manufacture

Fully Automated Handling for Tire Manufacture


Dream Factory - Fully automated handling for tire  manufacture and distribution


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Flow 1/2015

Flow 1 / 2015 Content


Our Pick Customer Magazine has been renamed Flow. Read on:


  • Cimcorp Culture — Passion, Innovation, Professionalism And Teamwork
  • Dream Big, Case Study about Tigar Tyres
  • Dream Factory
  • Pick A Flavor, Any Flavor
  • Picking Through The Layers
  • From Squirrel Pelts and Euros to Bitcoins


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