Joel doubts he will ever settle down for good. Work has taken him around the world for 15 years, and he sees his professional future continuing more or less similarly. However, Joel recognizes that without support from home, work- and family-wise, he could not do his job as site manager as well as he can now.

Focus on interpersonal skills and multi-tasking

As a site manager, Joel is in charge of the electro-mechanical installation of Cimcorp solutions at the project destination. Regardless of the fact that installation at this point focuses on the devices, many aspects of his job include interaction with different people. These may consist of customer representatives, the integrator, the customer’s sub-contractors, our sub-contractors, and for example local officials.

“I see my role as the face of Cimcorp as far as the customer and the other stakeholders at the installation site are concerned. I must be prepared to handle whatever comes up. Experience helps, but good communication skills are the most crucial asset when solving a problem, negotiating or arguing a point. It’s not just the words you use, but the way you express yourself.”

At the site, Joel is also in charge of the Cimcorp installation personnel. Management and guidance skills are essential to be able to utilize as much of the crew’s potential as possible. This starts from making sure the working and living conditions are at a suitable level, and ends with knowing how to guide each individual in a specific situation.

“I often say that a site manager must know something about everything, but not too much. The key is to know who to ask.”

Support from colleagues back home

A site manager must also know who to ask for help in-house. In supporting site work, Joel thinks Cimcorp is exceptional, and when needed, help is easily and readily provided.

“It might take over a year for the project to progress to the installation phase, but some questions may only come up after the site personnel starts working. It is crucial that you can always reach the project manager or other project workers when needed, quickly and flexibly. This may not always be simple due to time differences, but it still works very well.”

In Joel’s opinion, the supportive attitude indicate a high level of professionalism. Efficient site work requires commitment and competence from the project personnel.

Understanding from the home front

As a family man, Joel could not travel without the supportive attitude adopted by his wife and three children.

“This could never work without support from my family. On a few occasions, my wife and kids have even joined me on a longer commission. But for most of the time, it is a deliberate choice that we have made as a family. And it works, mainly thanks to my wife.”

And reciprocally, when Joel is at home and working at the Ulvila headquarters, he is very much present and available for his family. However, after a while, the whole household starts waiting for Joel’s next assignment, because it always comes, sooner or later. When working for Cimcorp, the wait has never been too long.

Joel, Site manager

Grow, flow and glow

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