Although Antti became a Cimcorper recently, he already knew the company quite well. With a good reputation as an employer and interesting growth prospects, Cimcorp’s call was too inviting to miss. As a result, two decades after his first assignment at Cimcorp, Antti joined the company as a project manager in March 2017.

Different kinds of project management

Antti is an experienced project professional with many years of experience from the pulp and paper industry. Before graduating, he worked as a summer trainee at Cimcorp and even made his thesis in co-operation with the company. However, work-life took him elsewhere.

In his previous work, he got used to the fact that the project manager does almost everything there is: supports sales, manages the project, draws the layouts and runs the installation and commissioning. This is a huge benefit coming to a new organization.

“My background has helped me to get started quite swiftly with the actual work.”

At Cimcorp, project managers have different roles according to their backgrounds. For example, Antti has already started using his mechanical engineering skills as a mechanical team leader in one of the projects. Working alongside an experienced project manager, he is learning about the Cimcorp way of organizing projects and the different processes they consist of.

“While still in the learning phase, it is important to be involved in the project, to participate, and to see it all the way through to the installation and final acceptance.”

Importance of induction

Antti praises the Cimcorp induction process.

“All the different functions are presented exceptionally well to newcomers, but even more importantly, I was given a lot of time to get to know the technology. I spent a month in the workshop, and learned enormously from the experts of different fields. That, if anything, introduces new people effectively into the company.”

“The general atmosphere at Cimcorp is very welcoming and open. I appreciate the chance to be able to ask anyone for advice, and to always get help or guidance”, Antti adds.

Driven to develop

With a degree in mechanical engineering, Antti dove into the project world at the end of the 1990s. Over time, he was given more responsibilities, and as a manager, his interest towards management methods grew. In 2013 he began to study leadership and technology at university level. He has found that lean philosophy is very suitable in many aspects of project management.

“Whether you are in contact with customers or colleagues, it is important to be able to motivate and be convincing, as well as to listen carefully to find needs for improvements. It may be a challenge at times, but it creates most value for the customer”.

An international working environment, although already familiar to Antti, provides even more possibilities to challenge oneself.

“When you bring different cultures into the equation, there are a lot more variables than before. But it is all the more rewarding to solve it!”

Antti, Project Manager

Grow, flow and glow

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