Sanna-Mari lives by the philosophy that there are no stupid questions. She believes strongly that by asking, she will develop herself in all aspects of her life, not just at work. She hopes that one day she can return the favor and teach some new Cimcorper the things that she has been learning during her first months at Cimcorp.

Sanna-Mari works in system planning as a sales project manager. She works side by side with the sales managers. Her job is to support the sales process with technical knowledge, data analysis, planning, and technical documentation.

Her days are never the same even though there are similarities in each project. She prioritizes a lot since she has to hold many threads in her hands all the time from subcontractors to smaller details.

“A certain kind of ‘hecticness’ is present in my work all the time but I enjoy that.”

Sanna-Mari says that her work depends a lot not only on the status of the sales process but also on the customer’s interests.

“In some cases the customer is more technically driven. If that is the case, then I have to be more detailed in the earlier steps of the process. So you really can’t know in advance what the process is going to be like before knowing the customer.”

A bubbly personality has been an asset

As a sales project manager Sanna-Mari’s work is under constant development and challenges her in various ways. She has decided to become an expert in her field like her colleagues are and the way to achieve that is by learning.

“I’ve never taken myself too seriously; I admit it if I don’t know something or if I have made a mistake. Then I can laugh about it and learn how it’s done properly.”

The current challenges in her work have a lot to do with the fact that she is still quite new. Sanna-Mari started at Cimcorp in June 2019. Her team’s support has been important since day one.

“My team accepted me fast and I felt instantly welcome. For me it has been crucial that everyone has always answered my questions, and despite the fact that everyone is busy and has a lot to do, they make the time to answer and help.”

Not the expected field

Sanna-Mari has been passionate about mechanics and automation since she was just a kid. She studied mechanical and production engineering and has specialized in machine automation and maintenance technology.

“Technology and automation has always interested me, because it is developing constantly. When other girls were playing with dolls and stuffed toys, I wanted to play with tools.”

Quiet time after a busy year

Sanna-Mari’s life is in constant motion. At work, she is developing constantly and at home, she has three active children. And as if that was not enough, she works out three to four times a week and has various hobbies: she is a team leader in gymnastics, is part of the karting union’s board and on top of all that she is sociable and enjoys seeing her friends. And all her kids are just as active as she is.

“My summer vacations are sacred for me; since I’m quite busy during the year, I like to go the summer cottage and just relax with my family during those weeks.”

Sanna-Mari, Sales Project Manager, System Planning

Grow, flow and glow

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