The supermarket giant invests for further growth

The leading Spanish supermarket group, Mercadona, is investing in a fully automated order picking system from Cimcorp at its new distribution center in Guadix.

Flying in the face of very tough economic conditions on the Iberian peninsula, Mercadona continues to go from strength to strength. In 2012, the retailer increased its turnover by 7% to over 19,000 million euros, recorded a net profit of 508 million euros, created 4000 new jobs and opened 60 new stores. Its 1411 supermarkets now represent 13.8% of Spain's grocery retail footprint, serving more than 4.7 million households. These stores are served by a network of ten distribution centers (DCs), with two more under construction; in Guadix (Granada) and Abrera (Barcelona); in order to handle further growth.

Customer Benefits

The MultiPick® solution

The ‘island of automation’ at Guadix will feature 8 MultiPick® robots handling perishable goods in two temperature zones (+3°C and +12°C).

At Mercadona, the robots will pick up to 28,675 crates in a 6-hour period and will be able to store up to 30,000 crates per day. The 300 SKUs will be handled in one of two sizes of plastic crate – 600mm x 400mm and 400mm x 300mm – weighing between 5 and 250kg and with a maximum stack height of 2.2m. In addition to the robotic system, Cimcorp is supplying the crate stackers, the conveyor system and its WCS (Warehouse Control System) system to manage the material flows, as well as providing installation and start-up services.

Project Details

  • Automatic order picking system ('island' of automation).
  • Eight (8) MultiPick® robots handling perishable goods in two temperature zones (+3°C and +12°C).
  • Picking capacity of up to 30,000 crates in a 6-hour period.

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The Supermarket Giant Invests for Further Growth

"When it comes to fresh produce and chilled foods, a key element of quality is freshness. That’s where supply chain efficiency comes in."

Francisco López, Managing Director of Logistics and Fruit and Vegetables Purchasing, Mercadona

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