Passion for people

There are many factors that determine the direction of one’s career. For Samantha, it has been commitment to develop both people and business. This is achieved by understanding that when personnel is given support and their skills and potential are appreciated, the business develops automatically.

Caring for human capital

Samantha graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, which provided her with a great foundation and understanding of human behavior. Given her passion for business and people, Samantha decided to pursue further education in Human Resources Management. In her own words, “I knew I wanted a strategic role in which I could advocate for both people and the business.”

Finding the hidden potential

Samantha worked in the public sector from the age of sixteen. After starting her career in government administration, she had a desire to see what the private sector had to offer. “I wanted a challenge and to be recognized for my hard work,” notes Samantha. In applying for the Human Resources position at Cimcorp, she saw an opportunity to practice HR at the international level allowing her to learn about different countries, regulations and legislation outside Canada. Samantha adds, “I saw a lot of potential in this growing company and wanted to be part of it.”

Behind every machine and innovation there’s a human.

According to Samantha, human capital is the most important, yet overlooked asset a company can have, stating that, “Behind every machine and innovation there’s a human.” Samantha emphasizes the importance of good HR practices and the effects they have on the whole company. She believes that, “We need to provide employees with the necessary tools for them to succeed. We need to value, motivate and encourage people, and show them that their work is recognized. We need to praise their successes while identifying areas for improvement when necessary. People need to be mentored, trained, assisted and supported. If not, we will see the effects on our bottom line.”

Embracing individuality

Through policy development and HR strategic planning, Samantha understands Cimcorp’s approach to career development. Samantha states, “We support employees through our internal hiring process as well as participating in regular succession planning.”

As a human resources representative in an international company, Samantha knows the importance of training people and supporting career development, as well as understanding that not all individuals work the same way. Samantha says, “At Cimcorp we embrace diversity. We set objectives and reach them through providing an autonomous and flexible environment to our staff. This leads to satisfied employees as well as increased productivity. “

Samantha’s goal is to never stop learning. In the future, Samantha is looking to grow, change, and develop with Cimcorp and the HR department.

Samantha, Human Resources

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